Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some befores...

We first were introduced to our house in 2006.

living room

When we first spotted the classified ad in the local paper and came by for a look, the house was cleaned out but largely still decorated in the belongings of its elderly owners, the Permes. He was a WWII Navy carpenter, handy and practical; she was his German wartime wife, a meticulous housekeeper.

dining room

Almost all the window woodwork was painted the same pastel as the walls and/or covered by the window treatments... an attempt, I imagine, to make it look more modern.  Before we even moved in, we removed yards and yards of fabric and dozens of curtain rods and brackets, and began repairing broken window sashes and repainting that beautiful woodwork.  I'm still living with sheets for curtains in our bedroom, but hey... at least I can see the mullions and the molding.

what would become our "master" bedroom

...we loved the house and saw its potential, but obviously, we had our work cut out for us.


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joelle said...

I love the new paint job! My SO just bought an old house and if things continue I could be looking at a future that includes much old home upkeep!