Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exterior paint job... finished at last.

Daniel, our excellent, meticulous painter, has finally completed our exterior paint job.  Here's a before:  (I think the house has always been white or off-white)

And here's an after:


He found surprisingly little rot considering how bare some of the window woodwork was.  We chose colors from Benjamin Moore, Daniel's paint of choice.

(Woodwork:  Shaker Beige.  Walls:  Great Barrington Green.  Door:  Country Redwood.  I love BM's Cottage Red, but with the door in the shade of the porch so much of the day, we went a few shades lighter to get the same effect from the street.  Very happy with the results!)

Our dog, naturally, has cheerfully begun to wear the paint off the front door with her nails, right through the new red AND old white paint, right down to the wood.  I want to kill her.

Still left to do:  stripping off the ravenous garage-eating ivy enough to repaint the eaves in the Shaker Beige.  (No immediate plans for this, unfortunately; we have more pressing matters to attend to inside.)


whatwasithinking said...

Beautiful. I love this blog!

PNGreg said...

Thanks for the posting - it helps to see examples of house colors. Also, your choice of color is a good, unusual one. Most homes have fairly conventional exterior colors.