Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back Porch/Playroom-Schoolroom: BEFORE

 Oh, it is such fun to tear off something old and discover something even OLDER underneath.  Goodbye, strange pre-drywall wood-shaving-composite panels... hello, old beadboard and original exterior siding.  (This room used to be a back porch, probably added in the 1920's or 30's, before the exterior siding was covered by stucco.)

Part of me hates to lose the vintage clown wallpaper, but it's faded and stained and torn in spots.  Time to move on.

A coat of off-white paint (Behr's Elegant Ivory, which is on the trim throughout the house and still available in Home Depot's computers although no longer on the paint samples) has already fixed up this beadboard nicely... just one wall (the siding) and the ceiling left.  I'm going to try to leave the old, weathered turquoise up on the trim.  Hope it doesn't contrast in a nasty way with the brand new paint.  We'll see.